Personalized art prints

We're both genuinely more happy when we're surrounded by design wherever we are. It doesn't matter if it's at home, the office or the world around us – we can't get enough of giving a splash of color to blank canvases.

We serve to make homes fun spaces for people of all ages. We're starting by helping you turn white walls that encourage play and relaxation. Eventually, our mission is to turn modern patterns and prints into a heap of home interior products that brings your space happiness no matter what age you are.

We started Boldlie & Co as part of Handmade to $100K – a project we started working here at Zibbet. Our goal is to start a handmade business from scratch and grow it to $100K in income. We invite you to follow the journey of Boldlie & Co as we build and grow this business. We're sending updates every week sharing the exact steps we're taking to shape our business. Follow us at and

We'll see you there!

Ria and Ash

Boldlie & Co

Hello friend 👋 Boldlie & Co is officially launched! Celebrate our launch month by taking 20% storewide. Discount is already applied when you checkout. We design patterns and turn them into personalized art prints and wall decals.